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Traumasite is a proposed LGBTQ+ short film. Using the medium of horror, it is the story of how three queer characters live with the distressing and persistent impact of queer trauma within the unique frame of a property guardianship lifestyle. 

Through acknowledging and visualising the concept of queer trauma through the medium of film, we can then envision the possibility of post-traumatic growth, healing and liberation. In this way I hope I can play a small part in subverting narratives around queer stories as well as highlighting how incredible communities are often born out if necessity. 

The rocketing cost of rent in some parts of the UK is squeezing tenants so hard that property guardianship, or "legal squatting" as it has been dubbed, is the only way some can afford a roof over their heads. Market-led redevelopment of hundreds of spaces around London has rapidly homogenised the capital’s queer scene. Property Guardianship is increasingly becoming one of the last spaces of refuge for those who continue to experience ambiguity on a daily basis 

As a result of this migration underground, often queer people’s perception of themselves becomes warped. Weaving together themes of violence, dysmorphia and survival this film dissects some of the fundamentals of being queer. Heightened representations of self portrayal, dysphoria and rage will be used to explore the relentless symptomatic afterlife of queer traumatic experience. 

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