Written by Beth Flintoff

Inspired by leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt’s seminal book.

CHANGE Festival Production

Warwick Arts Centre, October 2019

Directed by Sophie Austin

Producer: Becky Burchell

Designer: Niall McKeever 

Sound Design: Ellie Isherwood

Lighting Designer/Technical SM: Stella Kailides

Costume Assistants: Aziza Kadyri & Maddie Williams

Sound Assistant - Mikayl Dawood

The World We Made is told by Keli and Luke, two students living in 2050. It shows a glimpse of how our lives could be in the future, if we pull together and change now, before it’s too late.  This is a story of ordinary and extraordinary people from around the world who together achieve profound change: a Danish scientist, a global pop star, a Canadian truck driver, an African human rights activist, and a community gardener from Yorkshire.

The journey follows personal and collective challenges, the struggles and losses as well as the enormous achievements, painting a compelling picture of the defining moments, breakthroughs and lifestyle revolutions that have made the world ‘work’ in 2050. 

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