Written by Phyllis Nagy

Drama Centre Production in repertoire with Some Voices

Platform Theatre, December 2017

Directed by Jonathan Martin 

Set Designer: Niall McKeever 

Costume Designer: Riley Burkes

Lighting Designer: Alex Hopkins

Assistant Director: Chirolles Khalil 

Costume Supervisor: Robin (Bobby) Soutar  

First staged at the Royal Court Theatre in 1995, 'The Strip' is a dizzying and elusive play of connection, fate and love, made up of meticulously controlled multiple narratives taking place simultaneously in America and London. All the strands seem to be manipulated by the sleazy, shadowy Otto Mink, nudging the characters towards the story of their lives.

Conceptual Designs
The concept of the set design was modelled around the notion of visual ‘spectacle’; a material, cultural and social condition in which everyday experience is increasingly shaped by images that circulate through the electronic media advertising, television and other cultural industries.

Much like zapping through the channels of television, neon flex was used in a near constant state of movement, to highlight and compliment the erratic nature of the storyline.

Using Format