in a new version by Roddy Doyle

Gate Theatre Dublin

November 2023

Director: Ned Bennett

Set Designer: Niall McKeever

Costume Designer: Katie Davenport

Lighting Designer: Sarah Jane Shiels

Sound Designer: Johnny Edwards 

Composer: Stefan French

Casting Director: Amy Rowan

Movement Director: Jonah McGreevy

Puppet Director: Sarah Mardel

Puppet Designer/Maker: Caroline Bowman

Associate Lighting Designer: Matt Burke

Assistant Movement: Director Anja Nicholson

Poster artwork by Katie Davenport

Photography by Ros Kavanagh


'Against the marvellous backdrop of Niall McKeever’s set design, Ned Bennett, the director, has staged a complex, physical production that requires not just a movement director, in Jonah McGreevy, but also a puppet director (Sarah Mardel), puppet designer (Caroline Bowman) and team of puppet-makers, as well as a large crew of dressers and stage, lighting and sound technicians '


 '...Manipulated tyres, mattresses, sheets and bath tubs plant the production in old world rough housing with its tumbling, physical playfulness. Making the flying sequences so much more alive for digitally doing so much less. Under Bennett’s direction, Neverland is a childhood wonderland. A colouring book of fun, flawed, fantasticalness. Allowing imagination, or memory, to fill in the gaps'

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