Written by Vivian Nielsen

New Nordics Festival Production

Revised to Jackson's Lane, 2021

Directed by Roberta Zuric

Designer: Niall McKeever 

Production Manager: Charlotte Brown 

Festival Director: Camilla Gürtler

Stage Manager: Maria Majewska

No Planet B is a dark comedy about the state of the climate crisis and where we as individuals fit into it all.

Two women lead a performance lecture on climate change to brazenly inform us about the current situation of our planet. They embark on a frantic journey to solve the crisis once and for all. Listing the facts and statistics of what is happening to our planet – and expressing their concerns for their children, families and jobs – they try to find a solution here and now, with you, the audience. But as the information becomes more and more overwhelming, and the solutions seem further and further away, the two women spiral into absurdity in search for a plan(net) B.

Photographs by Oli Kearon

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