Written by Line Mørkeby

Translated by Kim Dambæk

Cut The Cord Production

Platform Studio Theatre, Vaults Festival, Theatre 503, Edinburgh Fringe, 2018/2019 

Director: Camilla Gürtler

Writer: Line Mørkeby

Translation: Kim Dambæk

Designer: Niall McKeever

Assistant Designer: Emily Noble

Composer: Sarah Carton

Stage Manager: Charlotte Brown

A man starts running a few hours after his six-year-old daughter, who has been suffering from cancer, has been taken off life-support. He puts one foot in front of the other and begins to run, only he cant stop. He runs through the pain, the memories and the grief to try and find the point where he no longer runs, but soars - the point where he is close to his daughter Ellen again. 

Based on blogger Anders Legarth Schmidt's own experiences of how one survives the loss of a child. I RUN is about running, but also about being helpless in the face of illness and about the roles of death and grief in a society which tries to hide death as a fact of life.




'Niall McKeever’s scaled back design is fantastic at achieving a sense of focus in a play which constantly switches in time and emotional volition'

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