A brand-new double-bill written by Steven Kavuma

in repertoire with all the conversations we haven’t had yet.

November - December 2021

Directed by Denzel Westley-Sanderson

Designer: Niall McKeever  

Lighting Designer: Holly Ellis

Sound Designer:  Esther Kehinde Ajayi

Assistant Director: Ségolène Scheuer

James interviews to be the Artistic Director of a theatre but when he doesn’t get the job he is driven by an inexplicable rage, believing that the person he was up against was selected because she is a Black woman, rather than for her ability. This uncompromising and poignant piece by Steven Kavuma confronts unsettling truths about who we are. The play takes audiences on a thought provoking journey of discovery whilst peeling away the emotional turmoil that White people experience when tackling the issue of race.

“The presence of Black people with ambition is what provokes white rage.” – Carol Anderson

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