All the conversations we haven’t had yet

A brand-new double-bill written by Steven Kavuma

in repertoire with ANOTHER F***ING PLAY ABOUT RACE

November - December 2021

Directed by Denzel Westley-Sanderson

Designer: Niall McKeever  

Lighting Designer: Holly Ellis

Sound Designer:  Esther Kehinde Ajayi

Assistant Director: Ségolène Scheuer

In this raw yet heart-warming play, Steven Kavuma invites us to observe four conversations with people who lay bare their inner thoughts and feelings at pivotal moments in their lives. The play is an exploration of how we love, how we grieve, and how we have to grow up. Steven’s vulnerable and warm writing gives us all the conversations we could have had, should have had, and would have had, if only… 

It is a poetic homage to finding a fleeting moment of truth; brought to life on stage for the first time by ArtsEd’s School of Acting.

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